Part A: Cleans and Pull Ups

EMOTM for 5 Min 
3 Cleans at 80% 
5 DU's 
With out break going right into it @70%
ME cleans for 2 Min

Part B: Step Ups

- Front Loaded barbell box or bench step ups #115#75
- 4x6-8
- rest as needed

Part C: TRX reverse crunch, loaded carries, dead lifts.

- With a partner do AMRAP in 10 min with one person working a time (except for the carry).
- 50 reverse crunches using the trx. (Keep the spine in neutral while in the fully extended position, the when flexed try to get you knees to your elbows.)
- With a Barbell loaded with #135#95, Grab the weight with your partner and shuttle it down and back the floor.
- With aforementioned weight do 30 dead lifts #135#95.

Happy Open Wod Announcement day!!! We will be running and judging the Open workout on Saturday!!