Week 4


Clean and Jerk 1x2+1 @ 60,70,75% 2x2+1 @ 80%

Hang Power Snatch (% of snatch) 1x3@50,60,65% 2x2@70%

Back Squat 1x4@60,70,% 2x4@75% 2x3@80%

Behind the Neck Push Press (off best Jerk) 1x3@50,60,65%, 2x2@70%

Barbell Overhead Walking Lunge 3x3 per leg AHAP

Day 2 

Snatch off Block From knee (off best snatch) 1x3@50,60,70,80,85%


Snatch High Pull Off Block From Knee (Off best snatch) 4x3@90%


Front Squat (off your best FS) 1x3@60,70,80,85%, 2x2@80%


Power Jerk (Off best jerk) 1x3@50,60,65,70


Good Morning 3x3 10 lbs heavier that last week

Day 3 

Power Clean (Off best Clean) 1x3@50,60,65,70,75  


Hang Power Snatch + OHS (off Best snatch) 1x1+3@50,60,65% 3x1+3@70%


Back Squat 1x3@60,70% 2x3@80%, 2x2@85%


Hip Press 4x4 AHAP


Dumbbell Reverse Lunge 4x4 AHAP


Day 4 

Snatch 5 Singles at 90% 

Clean and Jerk 5 Singles at 90%