I met Bob 5 years ago after his wife bought him a gift card for Christmas. With tons in common I lucked having the opportunity to train Bicep Bob. He always shows up ready to slam bars and set PRs. He's always upbeat. He's always forward thinking. He's a standard-bearer of everything we are about here at MSC.  Thanks so much for being part of the #MesserFitmafia  


Name: Bob Elmore

What got you into exercise? : When my childern were young I wanted to be able to keep up with them athletically through participation into their adulthood. So I started out walking, then running, then weight lifting, and have stayed active over 30 year without disruption.

How long have you been training at MSC?: 5 years

IF YOU WERE WORKING OUT AND NIJAS ATTACKED THE GYM. WHAT TOP THREE ITEMS WOULD CHOOSE TO DEFEND YOURSELF, AND WHY?: I would ambush them with the "trap bar", soften them up with the "assault bike" and finish them off with "death by burpees".

What's your favorite exercise? : I love "strongman Saturday" because of the complexes that require strength and endurance.

What inspires you?: The variety of programming and accomplishing feats of strength. Mark is the best trainer I have ever had. He designs my programming to overcome my deficiencies while prividing encouragement and motivation.


What exercise are you currently working to perfect?: My goal this year is to perform "muscle ups" and "handstand push-ups".  

HOW DOES YOUR FIRST WORKOUT AT MSC COMPARE TO YOUR TRAINING EXPERIENCE NOW?: My first session was max out on the rower. I was completely exhausted around 300 meters and thought I was going to die. Now I am a more fully developed athlete able to compete in crossfit and weightlifting competions, and stand on the winners podium.

YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN AND ELEPHANT. YOU CAN'T GIVE IT AWAY OR SELL IT, WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THE ELEPHANT?: Train it to put away my weights and equipment after the training is complete.


A PENGUIN WALKS INTO THE ROOM YOU'RE IN RIGHT NOW WEARING A SOMBRERO. WHAT DOES HE SAY AND WHY IS HE THERE? : I would ask, "why are you here?" and "what's up with the hat?". He would say, "I was told if you want to workout go to the "y", but if you want to develop strength, endurance and improve your conditioning, go to Messerfit"..."What? You don't like the hat?".

WHAT DO YOU WORK TOWARDS IN YOUR FREE TIME?: I like to work around the yard and boating in the summer.

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