Kyle has the knowledge and background that helped me improve all aspects of my game. He’s fun to work with and motivates you to give your best effort. - Krista

LAX Power & Performance

SUmmer Session Starts June 5th! 

M: 11am W: 11am F: 11am


Pro Performance offers customized training programs to improve athletic performance for male and female athletes of all ages and sports. The programs coincide with each team’s needs, focusing not only on their strengths but their weaknesses as well. Training is based on properly executed periodization and skill development to guarantee each athlete reaches optimal performance levels by the start of their sport season.

If your goal is to compete at the highest level you need to integrate into a system and culture that has specific goals and benchmarks set at the heart of your programming.  All of our coaches have taken athletes from the Jr. High, to D1, on to professional programs.  We use that base of knowledge and create a system that fits the dynamic of your team as well as you as an individual. 

Speed & Agility

We utilize sport specific training that emphasizes explosiveness, speed, acceleration, first step burst, agility, footwork, balance, and flexibility. This is demanding yet rewarding program is highly competitive and will coincide with an age appropriate strength training program.

Strength & Conditioning

The strength component will include ground based exercises to develop explosive power, maximal strength, and reduce every athlete’s risk of injury. There is a strict adherence to lifting technique as the athlete moves through the different complexities of loaded movement. Periodization is used to peak athletes for specific moments, or reach maximal levels of athletic performance for the beginning of a season and maintain throughout.

10 Thousand Foot View of a LAX P&P Session: 

Warm Up

Form running and Mobility 

Speed and Agility 

Ladders, cone, acceleration, deceleration, change of direction, and reaction drills.

Power and Strength

Skill development, bracing, movement pattern programming, plyos and isometrics.  


Metabolic conditioning to develop aerobic base and promote lactic acid flushing.

Your Trainers 


3 days a week for 12 weeks: Monday - Wednesday - Friday at 11am

Schedule is subject to change, all participants would be notified if this were the case. 


One pricing Option per athlete. 

12 Week Summer Session


12 Week Session Includes:

  • 3 days a week of training
  • 2 Strength and Conditioning 
  • 1 Sports Specific Speed and Agility 

Family Pass

$195/month for 2 or more family members.

The Family Pass includes:

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