Go Max baby!!! 

Max out? Should I or shouldn't I?

There are two types of people in the lifting and training world those who do max out and those who don't. First off I totally understand the science behind periodization and estimated maxes relative to not overtaxing your body, CNS fatigue, and injury prevention. Did you know more people are injured every year gardening than maxing out? (Editors note: All gardening injuries occurred in third world countries as a result of wild animal attacks.) I personally am a fan of max effort days but with two caveats that I believe keep people safe. 1. Focus entirely on the task at hand giving it your full attention. 2. Don't guess about what you max effort is going to be. Start at a comfortable point and over time build on your effort until you find the intersection of perfect form and maximal resistance. Let me simplify my last two points with a simple statement "Pay attention and don't be moron". I'll close with a tragic story. There once was a man who saved his whole life to buy a Ferrari and when he had finally saved up enough money to buy it his wife, friends, and coworkers told him to be sensible with his money. So he bought a Ford Escort and put the rest in savings. Do you this guys name? Nope neither do I but I guarantee if you smash that piggy bank of yours, go buy a Ferrari, and drive it through town at 200 mph you will be on the news and everyone will know your name! Everyone will make fun of you if you park your piggy bank in the driveway! Max out!!

- Coach Lee 



Work in partners if needed: 

250 Row 


2 Min Rest 

5 Rounds 

Note TWT (might want to use your phone to note your lap times) 



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