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Pro Performance

Pro-Performance has improved both my strength and speed. I feel like i’m ready for both baseball and football.
— Nate Obringer

MesserFit Pro Performance offers customized training programs to improve athletic performance for male and female athletes of all ages and sports. The programs coincide with each athletes needs, focusing not only on their strengths but their weaknesses as well. Training is based on periodization to guarantee each athlete reaches optimal performance levels by the start of their sport season and maintain that level throughout.

If your goal is to compete at the highest level you need to integrate into a system and culture that has specific goals and benchmarks set at the heart of your programming.   No athlete is the same, and this is where the art of coaching comes into play.  All of our coaches have taken athletes from the Jr. High to D1 programs.  With each athlete they had to challenge them in unique and specific ways.  

I enjoy both the training and coaching here at MesserFit. I know that i’m always getting better because I can see it. I’ve seen improvement in my speed, strength, and quickness.
— Sam Sidski

Speed and Agility

Training at MesserFit has taken my training and pushed it to levels I could have never reached on my own.
— Ryan Perkins

We utilize sport specific training that emphasizes explosiveness, speed, acceleration, first step burst, agility, footwork, balance, and flexibility. This program is highly competitive and will coincide with an age appropriate strength training program.

I enjoy training at MesserFit because of the individual coaching and immediate improvements in my skill sets. I have increased in size, speed, and endurance.
— Zach Barsala

Strength Training


The strength component will include ground based exercises to develop explosive power, maximal strength, and reduce every athlete’s risk of injury by always focusing on lifting technique. Linear periodization is used to peak athletes for specific moments, or reach maximal levels of athletic performance for the beginning of a season and maintain throughout.

I’ve been doing Pro-Performance for a long time now and I love it. It has prepared me in and out season for both baseball and football. You need to be here!
— Ben Gillespie

Meet Your Coach

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Participating in Pro Performance has increased my strength and speed while getting me ready for football.
— Joshua Harris and Nick Straw

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