Complete Programming for the Competitive Exerciser


Over the last 15 years of coaching and training I have developed a template for our members that enjoy the chase/grind a little bit more than others. This template has been taken from the blueprint of our original training methodologies, and added specific elements to insure that our athletes are comprehensively qualified to handle any test the sport of exercise racing should throw at them. At my heart I am a personal trainer. I love to get in the mud with people and redesign their habits and patterns for the better. The biggest addition for our subscribers will be the addition of "focus" tracks. These will be used to address the specific weaknesses of each athlete, with supplemental focus work, that will coincide with the programming of the base competitor template. The focus cycles will be used to address weaknesses in: -Nutrition -Strength -Gymnastics -Capacity -Weightlifting Most athletes know where their weaknesses lie, now you will have access to 4-6 week focus cycles to t-up along with your regular scheduled programming. In addition to the programming featured here, we will be adding coaching content, and movement instruction videos.

The year will be divided up as follows


Foundational strength - Incorporating position drills for squats, overhead strength, deadlift, oly pulls etc.

“Base Building”
Adding stamina strength into our weekly mix, with barbell cycling, volume squat sessions, and dumbbell work and unilateral movements to improve core strength and imbalances.


“Barbell Gymnastics”
Heavy focus on mechanics and technique of the snatch, Clean, and Jerk. We will bring into play oly centric assistance work as well.

Improving proprioception and building stamina with body weight movements. We will focus on handstand pushup, ring muscle-up, bar muscle-up, handstand walks, pistols, TTB and more.

Open preparation.

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