Not everyone wants to be the strongest person in the gym (this is a lie but for political correctness I'm going with it) but everyone who trains wants to be stronger! My personal opinion is that most people fail in this endeavor for three reasons. 1.They don't have a training plan in place that progressively accentuates enough resistance to illicit a strength response. 2. They are afraid of getting to big (which is the same as being afraid of getting too rich or being too smart) .  3. They are afraid that heavy weight will lead to more injuries (heavy weight with horrible technique and over zealous weight selection causes injuries not heavy weight). So what I'm saying is that to get really strong one must have a really solid plan, let go of some fear, and be really technically sound with great weight selection. 

First things first I believe in the mantra:  "Mobile, Stable, Strong" without a great mobility, conditioning, and accessory fitness program in place any strength you gain will be short lived. The reason I say this is that getting strong is based on intensity staying strong is contingent on having a balanced plan that contains all aspects of wholeness and fitness. 

Without further adieu here is day 1 in the plan to become more beastly in eight weeks.

 (knowing your rep estimated maxes in the bench,dead, and squat are essential for success)

Always work up to your work set number.


Back squat


KB Sumo Squat


Leg Curl/Extesion


GHD sit-ups 




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