Is training your hobby or your passion?

When I think about Valentine’s Day it evokes thoughts of being forced to watch terrible romantic movies or worse yet romantic comedies. Romantic comedies remind me of the guy who wears a rainbow clown wig to sporting events, separately being a clown or being a sports fan is cool, combining the two just serves to make both look silly and inept. The worst romantic movie of all time in my opinion is Titanic (every female reading this blog just rolled their eyes and sipped their Starbucks with a little extra disgust). Just hear me out I don’t hate it because it’s sappy and stars a hero built like a ten year old prepubescent  Swiss school boy. Ok that’s exactly why I hate it… imagine if it starred Jason Statham, Chuck Norris, or anyone who has touched a weight in the last decade! Forget historicity imagine for a second how the movie Titanic would have benefitted from being a pure action film. I can guarantee you this a lot more lives would have been saved and Jack would have lived to enjoy his time with Rose a lot more. Now I bet by this point you are wondering what does any of this have to do with Messerfit or training in general? Hold on for a second you have to set the pins up before you can know them down. Love at its very core is about commitment and sacrifice. How much you are willing to sacrifice will ultimately predict your level of success in any endeavor. Passion is the external expression of our internal commitment. If you are going to make the time sacrifice to come to the gym you might as well commit to being all in and committed to the pursuit of greatness. No one that has ever accomplished any great or monumental task ever did it by being reserved or playing it safe. So if you want to be like Jack, losing everything you love because you are a ninety pound weakling, continue coming to the gym and give minimal effort hoping that everyone you care about doesn’t die tragically in a boating accident or you can put your heart on the line every day, quit being a cry baby about your blisters and calluses, and become the hero The Good Lord created you to be.


Coach Lee 



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