so I got this idea...

so I got this idea...

Posted it early so I would forget tonight. Have a great day!!! 


Warm up

Shoulder bow with band x 20 sec per

dead hang on pull up bar 30 sec X2

Super inch worms x 7 (walk hands out as far as possible)

Mountain climbers x 10

Groiners x 10


Out of the rack 2 overhead squats + 2 BTN Jerks : 2 min rest, work to the best set of the day in 15 min.


You have 6 min to accumulate as many pull ups as you can. These must be dead hang pull ups without a kip. If you have not progressed to this you can use the lat pull machine. No banded or jumping pull ups allowed.


For 10 min get as many rounds as you can of:

400 m row

10 Hang Power Cleans @55% 1rm

5 bar over burpees