APA Raw Nationals


APA Raw Nationals

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Please Read


2017 APA Raw National Championship entry form:


1) Please start by marking which division you are entering (powerlifting, bench, deadlift or more than one if you intend on doing a crossover)

2) Then please mark the class you want to enter (open, teen, master…..etc.)

3) Next please mark your weight class

4) Mark the appropriate funds for the number of divisions you are entering.

5) If you are pre-entered, you may still add a cross over at weigh-in without a late fee, but you must be pre-entered.




1) Please only fill this out if your current APA card will be expired before the meet day or if you will have never competed in the APA. If so, please include your APA membership funds with your entry fee.

2) You can still purchase your membership at weigh in, but it would save us all time if you send it with your entry form.



1) This is a must…..Please sign and return this with your entry form!


Please make your all checks payable to:


Mark Messer


Following this process will help expedite the weigh in process, so we can get you taken care of and you can go eat and relax for the following day of lifting.  We both compete and know how stressful it is. Especially for those of you who are cutting weight.


Please REMEMBER, weigh in will end at 7 pm sharp, so if you are entered and see that you will not make it in time, PLEASE call or text with your opening attempts so we can place you in your correct flight Friday night…….If I do not have your attempts by the time the flights are printed, You will NOT be allowed to lift…..NO EXCEPTIONS.

Meet Address

MesserFit Strength and Conditioning

760 Columbus Ave

Lebanon, Ohio



Good Luck to you all.


Bobby Myers & Mark Messer

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