Warning- This article will contain a picture of a large pasty natural powerlifter. Proceed at your own risk! 😀

As long as I can remember I've always been a purist. I can't stand gimmicks or fads. That is why I've chosen to compete as a drug-free raw powerlifter. The idea of using anything artificial to gain an advantage bothers me at a core level. So I've challenged myself to 90 days of nothing artificial in all facets of my training and will share with everyone the results weekly. I've consulted with Mark and Collin about setting up some tenets and goals for this challenge.



1. All Clean Eating (meats,vegetables,etc.)

2. No lifting accessories (wraps,straps,etc.) 

3. Short duration/high intensity metcons

4. Weigh in and measure 1Xweek


1. Lose 5% body fat (approx 30lbs) 

2. Finish Elite PL Total (50 lb strength increase)

3. Go from a 52 inch waist around the belly button to a 46. 

I will be posting the results to the MFSC blog every week. So without further ado here are Week 1's results:

8/31                    9/7              Diff.

bw: 356              352               -3

bf: 25% 

neck: 21              19.75             -1.25

shoulder:  64      64.75            +.75

arms:  19             19                   =

chest:  56           55                  -1

waist:  52.5        51.25              -1.25

hips:  52            51                    -1

thigh:  30.75     29.5                -1.25






I hope this challenge serves to educate and inspire. Remember Love God and people; serve both!