People often times times despair over days and weeks where their training and nutrition plan doesn't seem to be going the way that they thought. I am guilty of this as well. So I would like share a couple of things I've learned over the years of training myself and others.

1. Failure is a great motivator- when we are successful often it tends to lead down the path of entilement and laziness. 

2. Don't forget where you were- I am as competitive as the next person but there was a time for all of us when we couldn't jog one mile and now we're mad when we don't PR every time we run. Remember you're not nearly as bad off as you used to be. 

3. Embrace the pain- if you push hard enough and long enough you will accomplish your goals even if in the short term things aren't moving as fast as you'd like. 

Now go attack the gym and destroy some weights! 

Here are the updates



8/31                    10/2           Diff.

bw: 356              346            -10

bf: 25% 

neck: 21              19                  -2

shoulder:  64      66                 +2

arms:  19             19.5              +.5

chest:  56           56                  =

waist:  52.5        50.5               -2

hips:  52            50                   -2

thigh:  30.75     30                 -.75