There is an attribute of God in theology called immutability it means that his character, promises, and will are unchanging. I know what you're thinking "What does this have to do with becoming a lifting beast?" Don't worry I will tell you. Getting pr's all the time and watching the inches fall off is very motivating but there will always come a time where those things will slow down or stop completely. Our first instinct is to change everything or quit altogether. Falling in love with progress is easy; falling in love with the grind is difficult. I believe to be truly successful you have to become someone who loves the process a person that gets up and puts in work every single day. Every day has to have a purpose and that purpose it to make you better. Though change in the form of programming can be beneficial we must be unchanging when it comes to being relentless in the pursuit of getting better everyday. Stay the course and trust the process.

and now to the updates


8/31                    9/28.           Diff.

bw: 356              349             -7

bf: 25% 

neck: 21              19                  -2

shoulder:  64      65                 +1

arms:  19             19                   =

chest:  56           56                  =

waist:  52.5        50.5               -2

hips:  52            50                   -2

thigh:  30.75     30                 -.75