Today is deadlift day! I'm going to begin by sharing some insight my mother gave me about life and apply it to the deadlift. When it was time for me to leave home she said two things I will never forget "Life (The deadlift) is like trying to scrape off a hundred dollar bill glued to the bottom of a boat in the middle of hurricane. You're going to have get super low, be balanced, and fight like you've never fought before to be successful! After which you will probably puke and pass out anyway." and "Can I borrow a hundred dollars?" 

Make sure you mobilize your hips, back, and shoulders before you begin. 

Remember to always ramp into your sets. 

Day-3 Deadlift

2*10@70% Deadlift

2*10@70% Deadlift (straight leg) 

3*15@bw hyperextensions

3*15@bw reverse hypers

3*1:00 planks