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Rogue Calibrated plates, Okie DL Bar, TSS Power Bar, TSS Combo Rack. 

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2017 Meet Schedule

2017 Raw Nationals

A Messer - Myers Event

May 20th, 2017

We had a very successful Nationals! Thank you to all who was apart of it!!

2017 Lift Up Our Vets Power Classic

Dec 2, 2017


!!!!Please Read!!!!

Lift Up Our Vets Power Classic

If you plan to lift in the Sub-Master category you must also register in the Open. You will need to register for Two divisions.  F you do not register for two divisions you will be placed in the Open only. 

Weigh Ins

Please REMEMBER, weigh ins will be held from 6 - 7 pm, ending at 7pm sharp. The lifter briefing will follow directly after weigh ins.  If you are entered and see that you will not make it in time, PLEASE call or text with your opening attempts so we can place you in your correct flight Friday night…….If I do not have your attempts by the time the flights are printed, You will NOT be allowed to lift…..NO EXCEPTIONS. A last Chance weigh in will be held Saturday morning at 730pm. 

Meet Address

MesserFit Strength and Conditioning

760 Columbus Ave

Lebanon, Ohio


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