Kate Grise started her path to nutrition by doing everything but being healthy.  After graduating with a degree in Political Science, she decided to pursue a Master of Public Administration degree even though she had no idea what to do with it. 

Not long after receiving her MPA, Kate suddenly lost her father.  After pouring over his nutrition books and reading over his valiant efforts at eating healthy, following all of the clinical guidelines given to him to a T, she knew there had to be more.  She felt like the public was owed a higher standard of living through nutrition.  So she set off to get a 3rd college degree in dietetics and start getting others healthy by also getting her Level 1 CrossFit trainer certificate.  After some time of being employed by Cincinnati Children's, she and her husband Kyle welcomed their baby boy into the world and at the same time decided to transfer over to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and open KG3 Nutrition.  She looks forward to teaming up with you to achieve your nutritional goals!


Programs and Pricing:

Nutrition Plans
from 25.00

Nutrition Consultation & Planning Initial 1 on 1 consultation
Includes assessment of current eating habits, macros calculations, recommendations on future eating,
and measurements. This consultation also includes 4 weeks of customized meal plans delivered to your
inbox each week.

Menu Planning
A continuation of the initial 1 on 1 consultation, this option includes 4 weeks of menus. Options are
matching menus to macros, calorie calculations and dietary restrictions, delivered to your inbox on
Friday of each week for 4 weeks, additional months can be purchased for $40.00

Personal Grocery Shopping Lessons
1 hour of 1 on 1 time inside the grocery store you love most. Time together includes learning to read
nutrition labels in a quick and efficient manner, making the most of your budget, shopping tactics and

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