Personal Training

An important part of any responsible training program, a fitness assessment objectively measures your current level of physical fitness. Without an effective fitness assessment, growth cannot be accurately measured. MesserFit's fitness assessment incorporates many different methods to achieve accurate results.

The Fitness assessment measures:

  • Site Skin Fold Analysis
  • Girth Measurements
  • Sub Max Vo2 assessment
  • Local Muscular Endurance Screen
  • Muscle Strength Screen
  • Postural Screen
  • Functional Movement Screen

Private Training

At MesserFit our Private Fitness Trainers are degreed and certified by nationally accredited organizations. Their knowledge as well as their innovative techniques will get you stronger, leaner, and more powerful, than you have ever been before. Take it to the next level!

Single 60 minute session - $50

Single 30 minute session - $35

We offer discounts on packages and groups! Please call: 513-763-0706




Coaching Rates

Billed Monthly

1xWeek 50$ 
2xWeek 45$
3xWeek 40$
5xWeek 35$

Single Session With no Monthly Billing 75$

What to Expect: 
You will be billed monthly on the first of each month.  If you begin in the middle of the month you sessions will be prorated for the remainder of the month. Example: If you purchase a 3xWeek package and there are 6 sessions left of the the 12 possible you would be billed for the 6 in month one and for the full 12 the following month on the first. 
You will have access to an online account with MesserFit via Mind Body Online.  From there you will be able to manage your account as well as schedule sessions with trainers.  You will have access to all of our trainers schedules to choose from if needed. (See Below)
If you have to cancel a session  in your monthly billing cycle you will have within that cycle to make it up.  If you can not find a time with your primary trainer you will be able to schedule with whomever you choose.  Just access mind body, find the schedule that works for you and sign up.  You must schedule your session 24 hours in advance.  Once the trainer has realized the schedule shift if will be up to the trainers to communicate programing details back and forth.

MessFit Coaching Philosophy 
Although there are different trainers with different thoughts on exercise selection, periodization, and application, there will be a constant philosophy that you can count on when training at a MesserFit facility.  This philosophy will not impinge our disrupt individual thought but will serve as a guide to help you get a better picture of your programing structure. Just like each big mac has a bun, a crappy piece of meat, lettuce, and special sauce; so does a MesserFit coaching session have the following:

Mobilization and Release
This portion of your session will be dedicated to soft tissue mobilization.  Using tools like the foam roller, lacrosse ball, PVC, and the peanut you will take time to prepare the muscles to move through proper range of motion while simultaneously preparing the mind for your training session.

Task Specific Warm Up 
You will take this time move your joints through the ranges of motion that will you will be expecting them to go through during your training session.  This will involve things like, band work, dynamic stretching, and general heart and lung preparedness.

CNS Priming 
After your warm up you will take a few minutes to prime your nervous system for work with reactive movements such as, box jumps, broad jumps, plyo push ups, or very low intensity speed work with the barbell or whatever implements you will be using.  Most of the time this would be done in circuit fashion to elicit the best response systemically. 

Strength Training 
This time will be spent working on movement patterns that make you a stronger more spectacular human.  There is going to be a broad and far reaching spectrum here.  This time will be used in conjunction with the next section to move you towards your stated goals brought to light during the assessment period.  Individual training form and flow will will be on full display here. 

Metabolic Conditioning
Based on your goals this time will either be taken up the strength training section, or will be used in conjunction as way to strip body fat and develop work capacity.  This time will include short intense bouts of exercise or longer less intense sections.  This is fully up to trainer and client discretion. 

Recover or Cool Down
This time is meant to recover heart rate, stretch muscle, and prepare for a post workout fueling!