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MesserFit Strength & Conditioning Members of the opportunity to gift $50 dollars towards their friends and family's first month membership...and YAY! They picked you!

Choose from the options below and we look forward to training with you. 


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Personal Training 

We start with a personal fitness assessment and goal setting session. With this consult we are able to build a personal profile and plan.  Below are our personal training programs. 


  • Unlimited Use Of the Gym + All Group Fitness Classes + Individualized Program

  • 1 Personal Training Session a Week

  • Personal Fitness Assessment and Strategy Session

  • 20% OFF All Supplements Carried

  • 280$ Monthly (First Month Referral Offer 230$)


  • All of Personal Training Basic 
  • 2 Personal Training Sessions Per Week
  • 440$ Monthly (First Month Referral Offer 390$)


  • All of Personal Training Basic and Rx 
  • 3 Personal Training Sessions Per Week
  • 600$ Monthly (First Month Referral Offer 550$)

And Unlimited Group Fitness

(Includes all classes listed below)

Strength & Conditioning 

S&C is a welcoming community of goal oriented trainees, working on becoming stronger and healthier. Our training is progressive and able to be scaled to everyone's capabilities.  The programming is not random, it is well thought out to keep you making consistent progress.  We strive make the environment fun and challenging, while always tracking down personal records and new skills.        




MesserFit Pro Performance offers customized training programs to improve athletic performance for male and female athletes of all ages and sports. The programs coincide with each athletes needs, focusing not only on their strengths but their weaknesses as well. Training is based on periodization to guarantee each athlete reaches optimal performance levels by the start of their sport season and maintain that level throughout.

If your goal is to compete at the highest level you need to integrate into a system and culture that has specific goals and benchmarks set at the heart of your programming.   No athlete is the same, and this is where the art of coaching comes into play.  All of our coaches have taken athletes from the Jr. High to D1 programs.  With each athlete they had to challenge them in unique and specific ways.  

Flex Bootcamp 

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We are a team of dedicated coaches and trainers who believe that anyone can accomplish their health and fitness goals as long as an action plan is created and followed consistently. However, we realize that most of us either don’t have the “know how” or accountability to ensure we stick to the plan.

So we created Flex Boot camp to get you the results you deserve if you put in the work!

Looking for a fun, effective and sustainable way to transform your body?

Want to drop a few jean sizes or lose 10 pounds this summer?

Do you work better in encouraging groups with people who want to see you succeed?

Have you been working out but lacking consistency and results?

Then you need to get enrolled now in Flex Boot camp!

Our homebase is MSC but we will be meeting in convenient locations across the city throughout the our 12 week camp!

We will meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30am and Saturday morning at 7:30am.


A Little More about us

We are a group of like minded people that value hard work and traditional training methods.  We have experts in their individual coaching fields with a combined 150 years of coaching experience.

Brian Schoeplein 

“Six years ago I started training at MesserFit due to lower back pain due to a weak core. Over the years, the MesserFit team was able to develop a program that strengthened my core and eliminated my back pain. Since then, we have now been able to incorporate Olympic lifts into the programming. I am now as strong as I was in my high school football days. It has been a great experience and the people in the gym always make it feel like home!” 

Sherri Michelson

“Whether you want to bulk up, slim down or to improve your health and strength, Mark has the background and commitment to help you succeed. Mark’s knowledge of body mechanics, muscle function and the ability to determine individual abilities contribute to his incredible workouts. With his sense of humor and vigorous drive Mark instills confidence and encouragement to make you want to work further and more diligently. ”