Clean and Jerk: from the ground 10 singles between 80-90% No misses felt strong

Clean From the Blocks 5 x 1 heavy singles 90-97% one miss on #4. Wasn't focused. 

Didn't have another time block open to finish any other work. Annoying. 




Snatch: 10 singles from 80-90% no misses felt amazing, even with a damaged quad. Hit 90% like a dream. Moving my stance out has kept my technique repeatable and strong.

Snatch: From the blocks 5 x 1 heavy from 90-97%. No misses. Hit 97% easy. Thought about busting through with a PR but I didn't want to break my quad all the way.

Deficit First Pull: 3x3 97%-100+30% Felt strong 

Back squat: 3x5 Working new wider stance (causing significant discomfort, but hey what can you expect with a hip full of metal) By my last set I had grooved in and felt good. 

Bench Press: 4x10 #100 dbells 

Deficit lunges:4x12 #35 dbells 

TRX shoulder and Tri work


8 rounds 

250 m Row Sprints 

15 pull ups 


1 Mile run


TBA =-)