Today I was a crazy sore...but I've got things to do..."Ill habits gather by unseen degrees -- As brooks make rivers, rivers run to seas." - John Dryden 


Wednesday 7/23

Part A)

  • Clean: work to best 2 RM from the blocks, right above the knee.

  • then 1x2@90%

  • 90-120 rest

Part B)

  • Split Jerk: work to best 2 rm from the box

  • then 1x2@90%

  • 90-120 rest

Part D) D is for Dead Lift

  • 30 Min AMRAP

  • Dead Lift #315

  • This is not normal, this is a challenge that I accepted...So might as well destroy mt CNS. Cheers!
  • 108 Reps...Felt pretty good! Was CNS Was on fire by then end...felt tired but wanted to push over an oak tree. WOOO