From my study of men we call great, that is the one thing I have noticed about them all. You must desire a thing, you must focus all your efforts on that thing, then you must let nothing get in your way or distract you from achieving that thing. Easily written, very hard to execute.

So this is the first week back to real training in a bit for a few of us. Don't expect to be awesome just yet, your explosiveness might be a lil like wet gun powder, and your will to survive might be that of a wet kitten in a snow storm. Just get r done.


Part A)
Jerk Balance
10 Min
Work to best 3 RM

Part B)
Clean and Jerk: 15 Reps between 80 - 90%
90 sec rest cycles

Part C)
Back Squat
1 x 1 @ 90% 1 RM
1 x 6 @ 65% 1 RM
1 x 1 @ 90% 1 RM
1 x 6 @ 70% 1 RM
1 x 1 @ 90% 1 RM
1 x 6 @ 75% 1 RM

Part D)
Row 250
7 MU’s
20 Burpees

2 Min Rest

Row 250
7 MUs
20 Burpees

1 hour of 75 yard hill sprints with a 40lb vest and 25 #24k KB swings every three climbs.

Might have gone a lil overboard today cause my hip is freaking sore. My mind is focused and I'm ready to smash today's training tho.