1. Stretch Your Hip Flexors - Do you enjoy just sitting around and chilling? It's fun and relaxing right? Or maybe you sit for a living at work? Let me give you a scenario... You're just sitting around one day, minding your own business when all of a sudden you see a kitten stuck in a tree outside. You seize the moment and run and save her. Well, since you've been sitting for the last few hours your hip flexors are really tight. You go to stand up and your tight hip flexors, well, stay tight. They pull your pelvic cage down which pulls your low back into hyperextension. But that's ok right? You don't need your back in a good position while you run to save the kitten. Wrong. Your hyperextended spine hates you and decides to pull on your hamstrings in an attempt to hold things together. Now your hamstrings are in a stretched state and since you've been sitting a while they can hardly remember what its like to actually be used. You realize this when you're 3 steps in and your left hammie has had enough and gets strained. It's ok though, you can still hobble to heroism. Boom, there goes your right hamstring as you overcompensate with effort. Now you're out of the game and no one is there to save the kitten. Lesson learned? Stretch your hip flexors, save the kitten.
  2. Handstands - You don't have to wait until we tell you to do them at the gym. Yes that's right, you can do them right in your own home. Handstands, and any ground based movement on your hands, will drastically improve your core strength and scapular stability. After a few weeks of routinely adding these movements in, you'll notice a nice improvement in your stability with snatches, jerks, and other overhead movements. You'll also notice your core staying stronger throughout any movement. 
  3. Stay Hungry - Stay hungry for food. Stay hungry for learning. Stay hungry for things that are true, lovely, and admirable. Stay hungry for life.