1. Moving In The Morning - Find a time that works best for you. But challenge yourself to do it right after waking up. Just hit 3 sets of 10 reps of body weight air squats and pushups. It'll only take 2-3 minutes but will do wonders for elevating your metabolism for the day. It'll also help keep your joints more mobile. Do this everyday.
  2. Eating Enough Veggies - Apparently veggies are good for you.  I've been trying to eat salads every day now and I feel and look better. That's enough motivation for me to eat them. One thing to note, unless there is a lot of protein with your salad, then don't count it as a meal. It's only a snack. You need more food than just salads. 
  3. Eating Enough Protein - Going hand in hand with the tip above, eat more protein! I also notice good things happening when I up my protein intake. I'd also recommend varying where your protein comes from too. Make sure you eat red meat and fish just as much as you eat chicken or turkey.