Wait what is this!!!??

That's Right!!!!


Hope your weekend was grand! We are gonna play with the strategy a little bit. Nothing to crazy, just adding little wrinkle. I present to you, MAX OUT FRIDAYS!!!! Boom daa boom daa daa doooooom!!! So here is the deal, there is only one rule to MAX OUT FRIDAYS!!!, #1 there are no rules for MAX OUT FRIDAYS!!!! If you want to follow "protocol" you will be maxing on snatch and clean and jerk. You will have roughly 40 min to do so, this including the warm ups to both the body and the movements. With exactly 20 Min left in the hour we will go into some GPP/Conditioning, bar's and weight must be stowed in there upright and locked positions. Now If you say to yourself, screw protocol...I'm going challenge Bryce to a rousing duel of blindfolded single leg RDL's, then there you have it. You maxed, you circus freaks! =-) This time will also be dedicated for you to get coached up by our wonderful coaches on any movement that might be giving you hassle. Now, once we nice weather back the grill will make an appearance a few times a month and we will make a grand ordeal of the whole thing!!! Who's Pumped! I'm Pumped!!! You pumped?! Let's lift some weights! WOOOOOOO!