To Whom It May Concern,

I saw that small 5lb PR yesterday (or the rep PR that you did the day before). I remember that day the other week when you were tired in a bad mood but still trained hard. I noticed those 5 pounds you recently lost. And I saw those 2 pull ups you did, that extra run you went on, that extra stretching you did afterwards. I know your diet isn't perfect but that you still try hard.

But I also saw you beat yourself up for not going unbroken during the WOD. I heard you quickly dismiss those hard earned pull ups when someone complimented you on them. I saw you get upset because you only set a 5lb PR and missed the 10lb PR, or only "matched" your previous PR. Yes, I saw all these things too.

You're strong.

Be strong.

Don't apologize, don't dismiss, don't get upset. Do you remember where you came from? What you were capable of before? I certainly do. You are far past that now. A stronger, faster, smarter, better you! You worked hard for these things and you should be proud of them. So go out there and be awesome, own it, and exude confidence what what you do.

Your new mindset... unapologetically strong, in every sense of the word.

Be unapologetically strong.

Your Friend,

Collin Messer