Programming Gems and Goodies

Hey strong people!!! 

Wanted to fill those of you in that partake in our Strength & Conditioning classes.  

- 1st, your feedback is always welcome.  If you would like to see things implemented tell your coaches.  We are here to serve you and help you along your with your, "woah, their jacked diesel," plans. 

- 2nd, every programming cycle Michael, Collin, Chelsea, and I, will sit down and discuss the plan.  We will go over the results from our last MC, the class feedback, the goals for the the new MC, and how we plan to execute.   

- 3rd, We will continue developing these 6 areas every week. With energy systems, competency in Aerobic Capacity and Anerobic Capacity (sub systems therewith), competency in the frontal, sagittal, and transverse planes of motion. 

- So in summation we are going to dial down on you even more, and expect even more awesomeness from you!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!  

- As always if you every need anything never hesitate to email me at



Day 1 Deload (Yes!!!)

This past 4 week block was significant for me. With 20 sessions and and over 2100 reps completed, I missed only 2 reps. One was a snatch, and the other a clean. Now I have a week of fun random stuff to reignite the oly flame and give my knee a break. 

1000 double unders

3 Clean and Jerks ever 50 Double Unders  

Working at 85% 


Mark Messer Day 18

Born RWB.png


Well so much for posting everyday.  But you guys didn't yell at me so I guess we are even.  Today was the first day I squat cleaned in about 9 weeks. 

Front Squat 1x3@60% 1x3@70% 3x3@80%

Snatch  1x3@60% 1x3@70% 3x3@80%

Clean  1x3@60% 1x3@70% 3x3@80%

Jerk off Blocks  1x3@60% 1x3@70% 3x3@80%

Dead Lift 1x5@65% 1x5@75% 1xME@85 (355# for 10)


Sand Bag carry for a block 

1 min ME DUs 

30 Sec KB Swings 

1 Min ME DUs

30 Sec Burpees 

30 Sec ME DUs

1 Min KB Swings

30 Sec Dus

1 Min ME Burpees 



3 Clean 135

6 ttb 

6 Clean 135 


9 Clean 135 

12 ttb 

3 Clean 155

15 ttb 

6 Clean 155

18 ttb 

9 Clean 155

21 ttb

3 Clean 175

24 ttb

6 Clean 175

27 TTB

9 Clean 175

30 TTB


Programming Updates


Mornin MesserFit Malitia! (Ha that's fun) =-) So I wanted to let you know about some different things we are going to do over the summer. First off we are adding 2 longer metcons a week, the goal here is to teach you how to pace, flush lactic acid while working, and to get you as the athlete a bit more in tuned with your body. Learning to work hard while tetering on the anerobic is where we make the most progress. These workouts will be anywhere from 10-25 min long.  We will continue with our strength cycles as normal. 

Next we will be adding specific 1 day a week of specific gynastics work. I want everyone in the gym to be able to do a muscle up. Is that to much to ask! =-) We will be working through progressions pertaining to Mus,Holds,HSPU,Bar work, rig things, and more fun. Also don't forget Collins class on Tuesday and Thursday night at 530pm. It's all about gynastics and ninja man yoga stuff. 


lastly. I was thinking it would help you guys if I changed the KidsFit class times for summer. When do you want to get rid of your rug rats for a few hours during the day? Give me some feedback. 

Hahaha I just think this is hallarious. 

Hahaha I just think this is hallarious. 

Have a great training week!!! Go get Higher, Faster, and Stronger! Wooooooo


Mark Messer Day 7



Deficit Reverse Lunge 5x3 Worked to 145

Single Leg Hip Press 5x5@35lbs 

Oly Works 

Power Snatches 1x4@60% 1x4@65% 3x4@70% (10 Reps of GHD Sit ups per set) 

Power C&J  1x3+2@60% 1x3+2@65% 3x3+2@70% (10 Reps of GHD Sit ups per set)  


10 Rounds 

30 Sec ME AD 

30 Sec ME Power Snatches 

30 Sec Rest